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Learn How To Really Master Social Media To Boost Your Marketing Skills

Today it seems like pretty much everyone who is online is an expert on social media and online marketing. Tons of self/proclaimed experts give pieces of advice and try to make the impression of having the supreme knowledge. But the truth is, like in pretty much each and every area of human activity, that 80% of everything is crap. Paretto principle, remember?

But actually, I don’t blame them. Because it’s tempting and it really seems trivial. Everyone¬†thinks it’s easy and everyone who doesn’t want to spend the time and energy to master some hard skill thinks it’s gonna be a piece of cake. And the media make it look that way. And universities, which offer courses on online marketing…. For a reasonable amount of time it really was that simple. But not anymore. Now we can pretty effectively measure whether or not your social media management is effective or not. And that’s the only criteria. People think that they will just create (read download from the internet) nice pictures, add some catchy phrases and cash in. Nope. It may look beautiful. I do believe you many of those guys and girls really can create a beautiful website or Instagram account. And honestly, it’s not that much of a big deal. But the truth is – we can measure¬†how effective it is if it’s not delivering, no one cares about how beautiful your website is. It is not effective. That’s it. Over. Go home.

Watch the above video of Gary Vee. What he says is LEARN. And no, watching Facebook and Instagram posts of celebrities is not enough. It helps and you definitely can learn from it, but it’s not enough. The uncomfortable truth is, you need to master the tools, special software, and know your numbers. The real question is, where and how do you learn it. The answer is, and you might disagree, not at the university. Of course, you can learn a lot if you take the Ivy league universities. But the real deal, the top cutting edge stuff is to be found online. Get yourself a good online course. There is a whole bunch of guys who know their stuff. Gary Vaynerchuk – watch his videos, you can get mindset and direction. Watch Patrick Bet David, this guy is great on entrepreneurship as a whole. And then there is this Tai Lopez guy. He has the program called Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency. I’ve been through many various programs and this one is pretty good. Because that’s not only Tai Lopez teaching, but there is a lot of guys involved in the program, true specialists in their niches and you can learn a lot from that program. Give it a shot, it’s not cheap, but well worth it. Here you can go through a review of his online program. So the message is: learn. Never stop learning and improving. This train is going very fast.