Information Overload

So – do you ever feel like “Information Overload”?

All the social media pouring into your head, craving your attention, screaming “here I am, look at me!”. Do you enjoy it, or loathe it? And do you feed the troll by posting ten social media posts a day? Why? Few people realize that even sites like Vimeo can serve as a social media platform.

Do you think it’s just an ego thing? Why do you actually need the constant attention of the crowd? In reality, face to face, not that many people demand the attention of others. But online? Even the biggest introverts turn into attention demanding creatures. What is the point?

We all like to feel appreciated. No question about it. It’s about the approval of the tribe, the feeling that we belong somewhere. Which is just so important for humans. Because we lived like that for tens of thousands of years. We needed the tribe to survive. But do we still have this need?

Everyone realizes that social media create a whole new universe, driven by a completely different set of rules. People often lie online. I’d like to know if there is a correlation between those who tend to lie in real and those who lie online. Fake it till you make it? I don’t know if this applies. People just naturally want to look much better than they actually do. Why? Social status. Some scientists say it is all directly related to the basic human need to mate and they may be right.